Justify Your Temptations – Get The RIGHT Clubs For You

It’s a new season, the Masters is close, spring is around the corner and we can now all get excited about playing more golf. For many of you, that may also mean the temptation of new equipment ready for the season ahead, why not? We’ve all been exposed to the new product releases and read how we will gain 20 more yards or how the new red carbon face in the TaylorMade driver will look great in the golf bag. However, b


efore you buy, we have one simple message, be sure to justify your temptation and get the right clubs for you.

AFGolfStore Ping Fitting Event


So in 2022, we have already seen:

  • Stealth from TaylorMade
  • Rogue ST from Callaway
  • LTDx from Cobra
  • 221, 223, 225 Irons from Mizuno
  • SM9 wedges from Titleist

AFGolfStore Callaway Fitting Event

The list goes on. I must admit, our initial reviews are all positive on everything we have seen. Great looking products as well as some incredible feels. The carbon driver, Stealth from TaylorMade has been a big talking point and it’s a driver I was drawn towards with all the hype surrounding it, however I was personally impressed with the performance of LTDx from Cobra and upon testing all the new products this gave me my best results, which if I’m honest, that wasn’t necessarily what I expected.


Sometimes it’s easy to see a new product and love the look of it (in my case, Stealth) and have your heart set on it, however it is vital you justify any purchase by the performance benefits the product gives you. Often, you will get the best out of the products you didn’t go in store for.




In the case of new clubs, it is simple, you must get fitted. This is one of the main reasons we offer FREE fittings. We care that our customers get the right clubs that suit them. We offer a wide range of the leading brands and models on the market and understand that all clubs will affect players differently. In fact, quite often we will see players come in for a full bag expecting one brand and having a variety of brands due to the performance benefits in different areas.


We will always offer honest feedback and if we don’t think you need a particular club in the bag then we will always advice against buying ‘for the sake of it’. So, with all the new products ready for the new season lets ensure the clubs are right for you and offer a performance benefit based on accurate feedback from our expert fitting team and Trackman radar technology. The right (necessary) equipment will give you a better golfing season for sure.


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