Is It Worth Getting Fitted For Golf Clubs In Milton Keynes?

Is it worth spending time and money getting fitted for golf clubs in Milton Keynes? 100% Yes.

The main reason for this, is that every golfer is different. From height to power and getting poorly fitted equipment will only cause you some technical swing issues.

If you have always just purchased golf clubs straight from the rack then you may have had the experience where you have spent a lot of money and found that once you got on the golf course,  they didn’t perform the way you had hoped. They may have felt to heavy or to light, too short or may not create the ball flight and power that you have been looking for.

In a club fitting, which is completely FREE at AFGolfStore, you will be able to not only try the clubs you are looking to purchase but you will be able to receive expert help from PGA Professionals and club fitters with the data and feedback of tour proven Trackman technology to ensure the exact set up and specifications are perfect for you.

The worry then for many golfers is that you will receive an even bigger bill than you would of if you had just bought off the rack clubs. The beauty of our custom fits is that they are totally FREE. The reason is we want to make sure that you only get the amount of clubs needed to help your performance. Quite often golfers will buy 4-SW or 4-PW sets of irons, never using or needing the 4 iron and therefore wasting money. Through the fitting process we will make sure that you don’t waste money on clubs that you will never use and ensure that you don’t blow your budget.

If a golf club is going in your golf bag we want to make sure that it has a full performance and playing benefit or else what is the point?

You can learn more in a FREE fitting at our Milton Keynes store. Find Us

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