Is Golf Club Fitting Free At AFGolfStore In Milton Keynes?

Our golf club fittings are completely FREE at AFGolfStore in Milton Keynes, which is located in Bletchley and not far from top courses such as Woburn Golf Club, Abbey Hill Golf Club and Aspley Guise Golf Club. You will be able to use the Trackman 4 technology to ensure you find the right equipment for your game, at no fitting cost.

The reason golf club fittings are completely free is because we believe in our service and know that you will have a great experience finding the right clubs for you. Putting a barrier or charge against our custom fit service will only mean less people will be inclined to try club fitting for the first time or even return for more clubs. If you’re buying straight from the rack, how can you be certain the clubs are correct? Our mission is to ensure every golfer has the right clubs suited to them, after all, no two people are the same! We want all golfers in the Milton Keynes area to get access to the best fitters, the best PGA Professionals and biggest selection when making an important decision such as buying golf equipment that we know costs a lot of money.

You also won’t have the pressure to purchase on the day if you want to go away and think about it before making the transaction. Our team keeps all your details on records to ensure when your ready to place the order it will be as easy as calling it through and paying the balance.

Remember, the main focus of any club fitting is not to buy brand new golf clubs but to buy golf clubs that you will enjoy playing with and that will benefit your game in the months and years ahead as you are strolling around the great golf courses in Milton Keynes.

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