Improve Your Impact Position

Improve your impact position with the help of AFGolfStore lead groups coach, Bruce Whitehead.

The Importance Of Impact

Bruce quotes PGA Tour Professional, Jim Furyk when explaining the importance of the impact position; “A good impact position makes up for any amount of supposed swing errors on the backswing and downswing” – Jim Furyk

Every golfer we teach is different in size, strength, ability and so on. So naturally the way we swing a golf club will differ, however if you look at the best players in the world, although their swings all look very different, their impact positions all share common similarities, hence why they all share similar outcomes and results.



This week when coaching our learner ladies group class at Kingsway Golf Centre in Cambridge, we focused on how to improve impact, which led to this tip. A common fault at impact, particularly in new golfers, is to help the ball in the air by scooping the ball upwards. At impact this will be evident with the hands closer to the back leg (right leg in a right hander) whilst the club head is already past the lead leg.

In this image you can see how the players hands are ahead of the club head through impact, creating a powerful strike position. This was achieved in 3 steps and thus here is your tip.

Tip Of The Week: Improve Your Impact

  1. Without taking a backswing and using a bag (golf smash bag) as seen on the left side, press the club head into the bag and push the hands to the left. This is a feel drill and will help you understand where you want to feel at impact.
  2. Now repeat step one, only this time we will be taking a swing and hitting the bag. The acceleration will press the hands forward at impact.
  3. Now lose the bag and try with the ball! Remember to focus on the feeling of hands ahead at impact!

For more help and support, we run a weekly ladies and beginners group class, with multiple options. The first lesson is FREE so you can gain some support from Bruce and see how you get on before committing. You can check out more information here:

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