Improve Your Game In Yaxley

With some great golf courses to choose from in Peterborough you’re never too far away from your next golf outing, however if you are local to Yaxley, then you’re closer than your realise.

Our AFGolf Peterborough Store, opened in April and has since become a golfing hub to the local community, offering the widest range of branded club choice, a huge selection of apparel and a custom fitting service that we believe will transform anyone’s game.

Did you know, that you can also improve with tuition in our store? Jason Boast is our resident Senior Coach. With 25 years of experience, Jason has coached every level of golfer from beginner to the Cambridge county squads as well as regional playing professionals. His experience includes the course record around the old course at Gog Magog, with an incredible 60. So rest assured when seeking advice, it doesn’t come much better than the advice you will receive from Jason.

Renowned for his ability to dissect and correct issues in the game, simply yet effectively, Jason will help you improve your game in either of our performance studios.

  • Our Trackman swing studio offers customers incredible feedback in our virtual hitting bay. As you hit golf balls, Jason will use his coaching methods as well as the technology to identify your weaknesses and then quickly create a blue print to improved golf.
  • Our SAM PuttLab (Science and motion) putting studio will enhance your putting with incredible feedback and drills to get you holing more putts. 

Jason’s services are aimed at every golfer, whether you’re a beginner getting into the game and learning the fundamentals or if you’re an aspiring professional, Jason’s knowledge along with the power of technology will transform your game and leave you with a new level of confidence.

If you’re considering booking a lesson, you can do so with the added benefit of getting a £5 discount off a 30 minute up until July 11th. Use checkout code ‘Jason5’ when booking a 30 minute lessons with Jason.

There has never been a better time to improve in Peterborough. Check out a tip from Jason to improve your putting here.

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