Improve Your Fairway Wood Strikes With Jason Boast

I get asked a lot about how to improve the strike with the fairway woods as lots of clients struggle to hit the ball in the air and end up topping or thinning their shots.

The first question I ask is, where should we strike the ground? When hitting a ball off the ground we have to make contact at some point with the ground, as to use the loft on the club to send the ball up in the air. A common fault I see in a lot of my clients is that they have the ball position too far forward in the swing with the fairway wood. As it is like a driver clients are inclined to try and sweep the ball from the ground, however, by placing it to far forward they tend to hit the ground first resulting in poor strikes. 

By placing the ball position more central in the stance it is easier to hit the ground level with the ball which allows for more effective use of the loft.  With the way the wood is designed it has a very flat, yet wide bottom, this allows the club not to dig into the ground, but rather just bounce through.

If you watch the best in the world hit their fairway woods watch how a little divot always appears. So try placing your ball position more central as it’s easier to hit the ground level with the ball, rather than too far forward trying to sweep the ball in the air and resulting in thins and tops!. Watch how you will increase height of the shots as well as improving the strike, helping to lower those scores.


Ball position too far forward!

Jason is one of our senior academy coaches at our Peterborough Store, offering a fantastic coaching service in the fully equipped Trackman4 studio and indoor science and motion putting green. His coaching style will leave you very confident about your game! Book a lesson with Jason here


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