How Can Lie Angle Improve Your Shots

Our custom fitting service takes you on a full journey to finding the perfect club setup for you. We pride ourselves on offering an unbiased service, where we will fit you for what works for you best over what brand names we prefer.

These blogs will break down specific areas of the fit process and educate you further into the world of custom fitting. Today we begin with lie angle and how it can improve your shots.

What is lie angle?

Lie angle is defined as the angle between the shaft and the ground line when the club is measured in normal playing position with the centre of the club is touching the ground line.

The most important thing about measuring lie angle is how the club is interacting with the ground at impact. The angle of the club when you address the ball is not necessarily important.

Two areas to look out for when not fitted correctly:

  • Club too upright. This occurs when the toe of the club doesn’t make contact with the ground at impact.
  • Club too flat. This occurs when the heel of the club doesn’t make contact with the ground at impact.



With an upright club the ball will tend to start left and when too flat the ball will start right. We will be able to identify this with strike tape on the club face and sole of the club, getting the player to hit shots and see where the strike marks are located. From here we can begin to make the necessary changes to the club set up, adjusting the lie of the club to create a straighter start line and more consistent shot outcome.

Factors to consider are the loft and club selection as well as the branding, as most brand specifications vary, another reason why custom fitting is so important when buying new clubs. The following video will go into more detail on the importance of lie angle. BOOK A FREE CUSTOM FITTING HERE


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