Have You Checked Your Start Line

In this weeks blog, Senior Coach, Jason Boast from our Peterborough Store, shares a great drill to check your start line with the putter.

There are 3 key skills in putting:

  • Start line
  • Distance control
  • Green reading

Practicing each skill will have a great impact on the most important part of the game. Remember, putting accounts for approximately 40-45% of golf. So nearly half of your game is played on the putting green. Why wouldn’t you practice this.

This weeks tip is related to the first of those 3 skills.

Start by placing two objects, such as two sleeves of golf balls either side of your putter head, as seen in the picture.

Now place a marker around a putter length away from the boxes, so you are ready to putt between the boxes (like a tunnel).

Once you begin putting you will gain instant feedback as to what your tendency is.

For example, as a right handed golfer, if you keep hitting the right box, your club face is open or your swing path could be playing a part by swing out.

Equally if you hit the left box your club face could be closed and or the path again is moving across the ball.

If this is the case, take your club back to the boxes as seen in the above picture and swing between the boxes so you can pay attention to the face and path.

Once you feel like you’re gaining good control of the start line and the ball is rolling between the two boxes, increase the difficulty and improve the skill set by moving the boxes closer together.

You can even move further away. The harder you make your practice the easier your next round will feel.

Just ensure you always practice with a purpose, use training aids and pay attention to the results. If you need help from here, Jason is on hand at our Peterborough Store to help further.

Putting is a huge part of AFGolfStore and something we pride ourselves on. We have free fittings available with the leading putter brands in the game from:

  • SIK Putters
  • Scotty Cameron
  • Taylormade
  • Odyssey
  • Ping

Jason Boast is also on hand 5 days a week to improve your game, including putting lessons on our state of the art indoor putting green, equipped with SAM Putt Lab technology and video analysis.

Try the drill and let us know how you get on!

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