Golf’s First Customisable Putter Shaft

At AFGolfStore we are all about customising your game! From our FREE custom fitting service which will find the perfect clubs to match your specifications to adding the personal touches that make your game unique, from the right grip to your name stamped on your wedges! 

We strive to offer our customers everything they need to make their game stand out on the course. In recent times we’ve been pleased to launch our premium shaft options which include Graphite Design and LA Golf as well as many more, but now there is an answer for your putter too! 

Golf’s first customisable putter shaft which not only looks great but boasts beneficial performance gains too. 


The stability shaft from BGT is the only shaft that can be installed into any putter, giving every golfer the chance to add more stability to every putting without buying a new putter.

It’s completely customisable as you can select the length, tip size and connector colour. BGT even have different models offering different styles. 

At the AFGolf build centre we can have this shaft available within 3 working days with the opportunity to have it fit in store or to self install. 


  • Advanced Materials Integration,™ patented technology that delivers the face square at impact and is available only from BGT.

  • Carbon weave for playability refinement and improved feel.

  • Change your loft, lie, length, balance, grip… even the site lines.

  • Customize your shaft with 4 connector options and 2 tip finishes.

  • Fits all putters, regardless of brand or bend profile—straight, single or double bends and it’s easy to install.

  • 1 degree of torque, so your putter face remains square at impact to deliver consistent, accurate putts that roll straight every time.


BGT state that 99% of users have said they prefer it to a standard steel shaft, so we wanted to test it for ourselves. 

Fitted into an Odyssey #7 with a double bend neck, the install was EASY! The old shaft is cut at around 9 inches above the head and the stability shaft sits over the old shaft by approx 2 inches.

 After the glue set we were good to go.

The first note was the weight of the putter. The putter immediately felt a little heavier and more sturdy / balanced at address. With a lighter putter I definitely lose control with my stroke, especially on the longer putts.

The stability shaft offers only 1º of talk, which is essentially nothing with a putter. With no face deflection / obvious twisting the putter became noticeably  solid from outside 20 foot. Dispersion was cleaner with a consistent roll and outcome. In comparison, the Odyssey #7 before hand was offering a more scattered outcome, and even though it was all a matter of inches, I definitely feel I have a chance of holing putts from a longer range now. 

It looks great but is a lot wider than a regular shaft so that is all a matter of opinion. If you are looking for a more stable putting stroke then this is definitely a great option which can be played almost immediately at AFGolfStore.



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