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If you’re looking for a driver that maximises in distance and offers great precision, then TSR from Titleist is definitely worth considering this season. In this blog we will explain why you should ‘Get Fit For TSR At AFGolfStore Peterborough’.


The Titleist TSR is engineered to deliver maximum speed, distance, and accuracy. The club’s design is intended to provide players with a high launch and low spin, resulting in longer, straighter, and more consistent shots. The TSR’s thin face is made from high-strength ATI 425 aerospace titanium, which is incredibly lightweight and durable.

The TSR’s weight is strategically placed to improve balance and stability. The club’s SureFit CG (center of gravity) adjustability allows players to customize the club’s weight distribution to their swing for optimal ball flight and trajectory control. With the TSR, players have the freedom to adjust the club to their specific swing, ensuring maximum performance.

TSR Comes in 4 head models:


The TSR1 is considered the most forgiving of the four models, and it is designed for golfers with slower swing speeds. The clubhead is the largest and has the highest MOI (moment of inertia), which helps keep the clubface steady at impact, resulting in straighter shots. The TSR1 also has a higher loft, which will help with launch.

The TSR2 is designed for golfers with moderate swing speeds. It has a slightly smaller clubhead and a lower MOI, which allows for more workability and shot-shaping. The TSR2 also has a slightly lower loft, which helps golfers achieve a more penetrating ball flight.

The TSR3 is designed for golfers with faster swing speeds. It has the smallest clubhead and the lowest MOI of the three models, which provides the most workability and shot-shaping. The TSR3 also has the lowest loft, which helps golfers achieve a lower, more penetrating ball flight.

TSR4 offers two different spin reduction settings, improved aerodynamics and the new Multi-Plateau VFT face construction – all housed in a compact, 430cc player-preferred shape.


Matt Johnson is AFGolfStore’s Titleist Ambassador and although he is based at our Cambridge store, he has been responsible for our mobile fitting days as well as fitting days at Peterborough.



We fit TSR with the support of Trackman4 in our studio where we can stress test every shaft option of which we have a huge range of stock and premium shaft choice. 

Not only that we build Titleist clubs upstairs in our build centre to give you the exact club you were fit for!

It’s not just Titleist we offer this fit to build service for. We can fit and build Callaway, Mizuno and Taylormade too, whilst offering an in-depth fitting service for Cobra, Ping and Wilson too. 


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