Get Fit For Cobra AEROJET At AFGolfStore Cambridge

A serious contender for speed this season is the new Cobra AEROJET driver. Looking for incredible speed whilst maintaining control? Then it’s time to ‘Get Fit For Cobra AEROJET At AFGolfStore Cambridge’.


The Ultimate Golf Club for Explosive Distance and Unmatched Speed, The Cobra Aerojet is engineered with a new, aerodynamic shape that minimizes drag and maximizes clubhead speed. The clubhead is designed to be lighter and more flexible than previous models, allowing for increased swing speed and energy transfer. The lightweight feel of the club also allows for more control and accuracy, even with higher swing speeds.

The Cobra Aerojet also features a new CNC-milled infinity face, which maximizes ball speed across the entire face of the club. This means that even off-center hits will still have the potential to travel long distances and maintain accuracy.

There are 3 head types:

AFGolfStore Cambridge club fitter, Ellis Bond is also a Cobra Ambassador for 2023. Check out what’s in his bag. 


Not only is it home to ambassador Ellis Bond, but it has a huge selection of models and shafts to give you a full, in-depth fitting to find the best suited club for you.

We offer fittings every hour we are open, Monday to Sunday. 

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