Get A FREE Quote For NEW Irons

Get A FREE Quote For New Irons

AFGolfStore is a golf store built around its FREE custom fitting service.

A service that allows its customers to enjoy a one-to-one experience with a professional club fitter supported by Trackman in a studio that boasts 9 brands and thousands of head, shaft and grip combination options. 

However, with currently only 3 store locations in Cambridge, Milton Keynes and Peterborough, we appreciate many won’t be close enough to visit us for our personal experience. 

What we can now offer though is a FREE quote on your new golf clubs with our online form builder. 

Choose from the multiple head options from our 9 brand partners, followed by how many clubs, the shaft options and so on. We really go into full detail so you know the clubs are full customised to your needs. 

From this submission, one of our team will call you to discuss the form along with a quote. This will be fully discussed so you know the specifications are right for you. Only once you are happy to proceed will we discuss payment options. There is absolutely no obligation to purchase beyond your FREE quote. 

Get A FREE Quote For New Irons Below

What Happens If I Order

Once your order is processed, we will then get building. (If your order isn’t in our build centre, then we will order direct from our suppliers).

Watch the next video to get an understanding for our build process!

What Brands Do We Offer

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