From Custom Fitting To The Golf Course

From Custom Fitting To The Golf Course. This blog will give you an insight into what to expect from a fitting and how long it will take to get your new clubs out on the course. 

If you’re thinking about getting new golf clubs for the season ahead, then you may want to consider a custom fitting at AFGolfStore.

Our mission is to encourage every golfer to try a custom fitting session so we can identify the best clubs to match your game. 

This is done by offering thousands of possible club combinations made up from golfs leading club, shaft and grip brands as well as additional support in data from Trackman. Not to mention expert support from our team of custom fitters. 

To ensure you are sold by this experience, we don’t charge, so all golfers have the chance to find the perfect solution for them and their game. 


We want to offer advice around a frequently asked question. How long will my new clubs take to be delivered and when can I get out on the course with them.

We have three potential routes to take, however, the routes will be determined on your specification and the clubs you require. 

  1. STRAIGHT FROM THE RACK – All of our stores offer a wide range of what we fit in our studios on the displayed racks in store. All golf clubs displayed are standard specification i.e, the lie and length and standard to the manufacturers specifications. With adjustable sleeves, many woods will however be readily available on the day as we can adjust the setting to your specification. However, unless you are of standard spec, you generally won’t be taking this option. 
  2. ORDERED FROM THE MANUFACTURER – If the product you were fit for  isn’t readily available to us then we will order direct with the brand manufacturer.
  3. BUILT BY US, FOR YOULocated at our Peterborough store, our build centre offers an in-house build service operated by us, for you. We build many of golf’s leading brands.

All three of these options will vary in delivery times. Off the rack, will allow you to take the clubs away on the same day whereas manufacturers lead times constantly vary throughout the year and can range from inside a week to as long as a month. 

However, should your spec fall within the components available at our build centre, then we can offer a 72 hour build service that has you ready for the course with your new clubs in a speedy time.


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