Do You Offer Ladies Custom Club Fitting In Milton Keynes?

The answer is simple YES! We are proud to offer FREE ladies custom club fitting in Milton Keynes and our offering for ladies is such that it rivals the men’s selection. Often, lady golfers have been pigeon holed into having “ladies” golf clubs, without really knowing what that means.

Often they are some sort of pink or purple and are shorter and lightweight, which is great but not always necessary. As we see from the LPGA Tour driving stats lady golfers can be just as powerful as male golfers and our Trackman 4 technology has no gender bias.

When we custom fit a lady golfer it is the same as a man. We are looking at the key parameters such as club head speed, ball speed, launch angles and spin rates. At the end of the day our Trackman doesn’t know who is making contact with the ball it only knows what data is being delivered. If you have enough speed to move into men’s light flex or regular graphite or even steel then we won’t hesitate to fit your clubs to what is appropriate. Our aim is to make sure that you the lady golfer is happy with the purchase, can see the benefit in the outcome of the new equipment and enjoy using them.

Making sure that we get the correct length, swing weight, shaft, grip type and so on is vital in any custom fit but we want to reassure our lady golfers that you will be looked after by our PGA Professionals and expert fitters every step of the way.

We have all the leading brands for fitting:

  • Callaway
  • Ping
  • Mizuno
  • Titleist
  • Taylormade
  • Cobra

With some of these brands we are also able to put them through our EXPRESS BUILD service to allow you to get them on the golf course quicker. So if you’re looking to book a FREE club fitting then head over to our Milton Keynes page and book yourself a slot.

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