Callaway AI Smoke Iron: Game-Changing Technology

The Advanced Iron Face

Callaway has introduced the new Callaway AI Smoke Iron for 2024, claiming it to be their most advanced iron face yet. With their innovative AI Smoke Face Technology, Callaway aims to provide a superior golfing experience from every spot on the course.

Two Irons, One Goal

Callaway offers two versions of the AI Smoke Iron: the standard AI Smoke and the AI Smoke HL. There is also a Max Fast option for higher handicaps. The main difference lies in the loft perspective. 

The standard iron has a loft of 28°, while the HL version has a loft of 30°. The HL is designed for golfers who struggle to get the desired launch and height in their shots.

The Technology Behind the Iron

Callaway’s smart face technology plays a crucial role in the design of these irons. 

By gathering data from numerous golfers, Callaway understands the importance of maximum ball speed across the entire face. Recognising that not every golfer hits the ball perfectly in the centre, Callaway has strategically positioned the weight in the face to ensure consistency and performance even on off-centre hits.

The AI technology has allowed Callaway to cater to the needs of real golfers and create an iron that delivers optimal results.

The Story of the AI Smoke Iron Family

The AI Smoke Iron family consists of the standard and HL irons. This concept of offering two versions with different loft angles has become a common trend among golf brands. 

In recent years, golf club lofts have become stronger, but the HL iron is designed for those who need a little extra help in getting the ball up in the air. This iron is a great option for players looking to improve their launch and achieve better results in hitting the green.

Shaft Options for Every Golfer

The standard version of the AI Smoke Iron comes with the Elevate shaft, while the graphite option is equipped with the Cypher shaft.

These shaft options provide players with versatility and a chance to find the perfect fit for their swing. Callaway ensures a clean product with no complications, allowing golfers to focus on their game.

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Testing the AI Smoke Irons

Our testing took place at Milton Keynes, where we had the opportunity to try both the standard and HL versions of the AI Smoke Iron. We tested the five iron and the pitching wedge in both heads, providing a comprehensive review for golfers of all skill levels.

Standard AI Smoke Iron

The standard iron immediately catches the eye with its classic Callaway design. It instills confidence as soon as you lay your eyes on it. The solid feel and impressive ball speed off the face make it a trustworthy club. Even off-centre hits, such as hits from the toe, still deliver excellent ball speed. This technology ensures consistency and performance throughout the round.

During our testing, the seven iron produced a ball speed of 136 mph with a carry distance of 194 yards. The AI Smoke Iron exceeded expectations, proving to be a powerful option for golfers seeking distance and forgiveness.

HL AI Smoke Iron

The HL iron, designed for players who struggle with launch, offers a lighter graphite option for increased club head speed. This iron provides a higher trajectory, allowing players to achieve better height and distance. The HL iron achieved a ball speed of 130 mph with a carry distance of 193 yards. The HL iron is a great choice for golfers who need a little extra help getting the ball in the air.

The Versatility of the Long Iron

Long irons have often been perceived as difficult to hit and less forgiving. However, with the advancements in club design, players are encouraged to experiment with four and five irons. The AI Smoke Irons are a prime example of clubs that can help golfers achieve better launch and height. Don’t be afraid to try these clubs during your next fitting session.

A Solid Choice for Every Golfer

Overall, the AI Smoke Irons from Callaway offer superior technology and a simple, yet effective, story. The standard iron provides a classic look and great performance, while the HL iron caters to golfers in need of extra launch and height. Callaway has once again delivered exceptional technology to enhance the golfing experience.

When considering your next set of irons, make sure to include the AI Smoke Irons in your options. They offer impressive technology, a clean product design, and versatility to suit golfers of all skill levels. Discover the difference that AI Smoke Face Technology can make in your game.

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