Are You Carrying Too Many Fairway Woods?

From my coaching experience, there has been numerous occasions where players have quizzed me on why they can’t see a difference between their fairway woods. In this blog we are going to look at why this is and whether you are carrying too many fairway woods.

how many fairway woods do you need

Fairway woods are an essential part of the golf bag with multiple uses from tee shots to fairway and all manufacturers offer a fairway wood for all consumers from 3wood to as low as 9wood. The question is, what do you want to see out of your fairway wood and are you actually achieving it. We see three key issues with having too many clubs in the top end of the bag:

  1. Confusion as to what each club is designed to do and when it should be used.
  2. There isn’t much of a difference between each club.
  3. Money has been wasted. We see players with 3, 5, 7 and 9 woods and struggle to see a true understanding of when each one should be used.


We believe players should be seeking more loft when purchasing a fairway wood. Do you know your land angle? In our latest video, we looked at the land angle of our fairway wood shots and it was coming in at approx. 40º, which gives us confidence in landing and stopping, which is crucial when approaching a green. Players coming in closer to 20º will have to guess the roll out distance and therefore know total distance, which of course is a guess.

If we can introduce loft all we need to learn is your carry distance to ensure we are playing the club from the right distance out on the course.

Secondly, we want players to have 5mph ball speed gain at every club. So, if you have a 5 wood and 3 wood and have no change in ball speed, we are confident enough to say to our customers that you need to lose a club. (We would tend to recommend the 5wood due to the land angle benefits).

This year we expect to see less players will multiple fairway woods to ensure there is significant gapping in their bag, making it easier to select the right club. Check your clubs, how many fairway woods do you have? Do you use them all? If you don’t see great gaps and the performance isn’t helping your scores then try leaving one out or better still, come in for a FREE fitting and our staff would be happy to help you understand what you need…. Or don’t need!


WATCH | Have You Got Too Many Fairway Woods

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