Odyssey Debuts Innovative New Ai-ONE Cruiser Putters

Odyssey has just unveiled an exciting new line of putters – the Ai-ONE Cruiser series.

Available in three unique configurations, these technologically advanced putters are designed to help golfers sink more putts.

You have seen Ai-One and Ai-One Milled, now let’s take a look at the Cruiser!

The Ai-ONE Cruiser putters integrate Odyssey’s artificial intelligence-designed Ai-ONE insert. This insert promotes consistent ball speed across the face, even on mishits, thanks to the contours on the aluminium backer. The insert delivers that signature White Hot feel Odyssey is known for

Models include the Double Wide CH blade, the #7 mallet, and the Jailbird mallet. For arm lock and broomstick styles, Odyssey offers the #7 Arm Lock and the #7 CS Broomstick.

Beyond the AI-powered insert, the Cruiser putters stand out with their sleek navy blue PVD finish. Interchangeable front weights in 5, 10, 15 and 20 grams allow golfers to customise the head weight.

The putters also feature an Ai Window showcasing the insert’s unique topology. Heavy steel SL 140 and SL 200 shafts complement the head weight for an optimised feel.

If you’re looking to hole more putts and lower your scores, be sure to check out the new Odyssey Ai-ONE Cruiser putters. The blend of AI design, premium aesthetics, and customisable weighting can give your stroke an instant boost on the greens.

With three styles to choose from, every golfer can find their perfect setup. Expect to see the Cruiser models landing in stores this March.

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