AFGolfStore Will Improve Your Golf! Here’s How…

It’s that time of year again, the season is drawing to a close and  winter golf gets closer. Now is the time for two types of action.

  1. Finish the season on a HIGH!
  2. Be prepared for next season and make it my best yet! 

Whichever one fits you, both require action now and at AFGolfStore we can help you! 

Just because the season is close to its end, doesn’t mean the training ever needs to stop. We offer coaching every week of the year, with warm sheltered swing studios and putting greens offering the best in technology from Trackman to SAMPutt Lab, both designed to give immediate, accurate feedback which will help our expert professionals get your game to where you desire,. 

At each store we have a team of coaches who are all very friendly but have a common goal! To get you to hit your goals! 


Each lesson is tailored to your needs. We listen to you and through analysis we can quickly diagnose swing faults and begin to make corrections.  We won’t lie, change is rarely easy! However, we will make the journey simple and achievable. Your practice will become more structured and more rewarding! 

You will get crucial feedback from Trackman and valuable video feedback so you can see your development! 

We believe this will all help to build more confidence, which will give you the fuel to practice more and see your desired results sooner! 

Individual Golf Lessons

Getting started is easy. We offer 30 or 60 minute lessons in each store with a range of packages to give you a plan for a number of week.

Our winter improver package gives you 4 x 30 minute lessons which can be used for any areas of the game you like. Begin your journey to better golf today!



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