AFGolfStore Premium Delivery Service

2023 has had a great start to the golfing season with leading brands spoiling us with new models of clubs to enjoy. 

At AFGolfStore this is a club fitter and builders dream, as this season we are now building 5 of the leading brands golf clubs, and our improved AFGolfStore Premium Delivery Service is in full flow! 

What Is The Premium Delivery Service

This service encompasses the whole experience of club fitting through to build, however, where most manufactorers fluctuate between lead times, our service is consistent in offering your new custom fitted clubs in just 72 hours. 

We want to be able to offer our customers an opportunity to get their clubs built by us, which

enables our team to maintain full control of your new clubs all the way from fitting to delivery. 

And if you’re fitted before Wednesday afternoon on any given week we can guarantee your new clubs will be ready for you weekend game! 

Our premium build service promises three things:

  1. We will build your clubs with precision and care. The beauty of this service is that your club fitter will be in direct communication with our build team and keep control over every aspect of your new clubs, ensuring they’re the exact specification that you were fitted for in our studios. 
  2. When you purchase this service for £50, your order will essentially jump the queue to be built as priority, ensuring they’re ready to collect in 72 hours time.
  3. We can personalise your clubs to you! Anything from stamping your wedges, adding paint or introducing funky ferrules to give your clubs your style! 

Following your fitting, your club fitter will let you know if your clubs qualify for this service, which will be down to the brand and model and ensuring all components are ready for build. Any additional charges will only be necessary following this confirmation and approval to use this service. 

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