5 Tips To Staying Dry & Playing Your Best This Winter!

As the winter weather rolls in and conditions become harder, there is no reason to stop enjoying your golf, nor let your scores get worse! 

We use the winter in the UK as a training season for the next year, however with the right preparation you can maintain good scores all year around. Here are 5 tips to staying dry and playing your best this winter.


The grip is the key to control. 

In the wet weather, there are many excuses for poor strikes! Number one being ‘my club slipped’. What we really mean is our grip wasn’t good enough! 

Keeping your clubs dry is imperative. Just because the clubs are in your bag does not mean  they are staying dry. Here are simple ways to help:

  • Wait for your shot and pull the club out at the last minute.
  • Dry the club, especially the grip as soon as your take the club out the bag. Ideally with a dry towel… we will come to this!  
  • Make sure your grips are fit for purpose. For regular golfers, grips will last from 1-2 seasons. 


Maximise impact!

Inconsistent ball flights can occur in wet conditions. There are two reasons for this.

  1. A wet club face will cause less friction at impact, meaning less spin! This can create inconsistencies with ball flight and results.
  2. Dirt on the face. Equally it is easier to pick up mud and grass on the face, especially in a practice swing, which of course will effect impact with the ball. 

Be sure to clean the face prior to your shot! 


Pure roll on the greens! 

No different to the golf club, the ball will react with water and dirt. 

Fortunately on the green, we can mark, clean and DRY the ball before your putt, giving you a great chance of a better roll. 

More importantly this creates a great habit that we encourage all golfers to be doing every round of the year! 


Your equipment is your caddy! 

To achieve tips one – three you will need equipment you can rely on.

When you watch golfers on tour you will notice how much practical use they get our of their umbrella. Their glove hangs on the spokes inside between shots, rather than going in a wet pocket, as does the towel. All very simple ways to maintain dry equipment throughout a round. 


Dress like a pro! 

The last point is obvious, but the right clothing & shoes will help so much. Baggy, heavy clothing will become restrictive to your swing causing problems and if it’s not waterproof, the misery will soon set in. 

At AFGolfStore we offer a huge range of clothing from many brands and a range of costs so every golfer can be comfortable on the course at a budget that suits. 

We appreciate it is all a lot of effort, but be prepared and creating the right habits will make the game easier to focus on and less stressful. 



Want to make real improvements?

Our coaching team are on hand to help your conquer all conditions with better course management as well as technical improvements to your game. 

Improve your game in a lesson with Trackman technology that can transform your game and the way your think on the course. 



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