Mizuno Pro Range 245 Iron

Today, we are excited to showcase the latest addition to the Mizuno Pro Range for 2024. We have three new models to share with you: the 241, the 243, and the 245. In this blog, we will be focusing on the 245 iron and putting it to the test.

Keep reading to discover the impressive features and performance of this iron.

A Sleek and Deceptive Design

At first glance, the Mizuno 245 iron may appear similar to a blade, which might give some golfers pause.

However, what sets this iron apart is its hollow back construction.

The forgiveness and technology are concealed within the head, creating a sleek and elegant appearance.

Mizuno has taken it a step further by incorporating tungsten, allowing for precise control of the centre of gravity and optimal ball flight.

Testing the Mizuno 245 Iron

We took the Mizuno 245 iron to the Trackman bay at our Cambridge store for a thorough evaluation. Equipped with the Dynamic Gold 120 S300 shaft, we immediately noticed the compact and refined look of the 245 iron. The top edge is slightly thicker, providing a sense of forgiveness without compromising on aesthetics.

With a clubhead speed of 93 mph, the ball speed reached an impressive 120 mph, resulting in a carry distance of 170 yards. The 245 iron delivers consistent performance, offering forgiveness on off-center strikes while maintaining excellent ball speed.

The Feel and Performance

The Mizuno 245 iron truly lives up to its reputation for a forged feel. Every shot exudes confidence, even with less-than-perfect strikes. The combination of control and ball speed ensures a reliable and enjoyable experience on the course.

This iron strikes a delicate balance between being hot and uncontrollable, providing golfers with the best of both worlds.

Additionally, the Mizuno 245 iron seamlessly blends with other models in the range, making it suitable for custom combo sets. Golfers can opt for a longer iron set featuring the 245 iron for added forgiveness, while incorporating the 241 blade for a more traditional look and feel.

The AFGolf Score

Now, let’s break down the Mizuno 245 iron using our AFGolf Score:

  • Look: 9/10 – The sleek design and top-edge thickness make it visually appealing for any golfer.
  • Feel: 9/10 – The forged feel is unparalleled, providing excellent feedback and control.
  • Custom Options: 7/10 – Mizuno offers a wide range of custom options, but could improve their selection of graphite shafts.
  • Price: 7/10 – The Mizuno 245 iron is a high-quality product, but it comes with a higher price tag.
  • Performance: 8/10 – This iron competes favourably with other top models in its category, offering exceptional performance on the course.

With an AFGolf Score of 40 out of 50, the Mizuno 245 iron is poised to be one of the most sought-after irons in 2024. Its combination of style, forgiveness, and performance make it a must-try for golfers seeking a superior iron.

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We hope you found this review of the Mizuno 245 iron insightful. Its innovative design, exceptional feel, and impressive performance make it a standout choice for golfers looking to elevate their game. 

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