Mizuno Pro Range 243 Iron

Today, we have an exciting new product to showcase: the Mizuno Pro Range 243 Iron. This iron is the latest upgrade from Mizuno for 2024.

In this blog, we will delve into the features and performance of this iron to help you make an informed decision about your golf equipment.

The Design

The Mizuno Pro Range 243 Iron has undergone some significant changes compared to its predecessor, the 223 iron.

The new design features a more traditional forged look, with a small cavity back. The iron is made with the highest quality materials, including chromoly, nickel, and a copper underlay. These materials contribute to a softer feel and enhanced feedback.

The loft of the seven iron is 32°, which is slightly weaker than the 30° of the 245 iron. While this may affect ball speeds, Mizuno claims that the 243 iron is faster than the 223 iron.


Despite its classic appearance, the Mizuno Pro Range 243 Iron is packed with advanced technology.

Mizuno has a reputation for incorporating subtle tech features that may not be widely advertised. The company allows its products to speak for themselves, and this iron is no exception. When you use the 243 iron, you’ll immediately notice the difference in performance compared to the 223 iron.

The Pro Range 243 Iron is crafted with Mizuno ‘s Grain Flow Forge technology, using 1025 carbon steel. This combination has been perfected by Mizuno since 1968, ensuring exceptional quality and performance. One of the key improvements in the 243 iron is its interaction with the turf. Mizuno has focused on optimising the bounce, allowing the iron to glide smoothly through tight lies on the fairway.

When it comes to hitting shots with the 243 iron, you’ll experience a solid and satisfying feel. The iron feels substantial and provides excellent feedback. The additional weight and mass behind the head contribute to maintaining ball speeds, which is crucial for distance and control. The flight of the ball is impressive, and you won’t feel like you’re exerting too much effort. The smaller head size and refined shaping make the iron sit beautifully behind the ball.

It’s worth noting that the Mizuno Pro Range 243 Iron is not available for left-handed golfers. The set makeup consists of the four iron through to the pitching wedge. For longer irons, such as the three and four irons, you may consider using hybrids or other alternatives.


If you’re considering the Mizuno Pro Range 243 Iron, it’s essential to explore its competitors. Three models that are worth comparing are the Srixon ZX7, the Ping Blueprint S, and the Titleist T150 Iron. These irons share similar characteristics, including a forged construction with a cavity back and a soft feel.

As a golfer, you should evaluate these options to determine the best fit for your game.

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The Mizuno Pro Range 243 Iron is an exceptional product that lives up to the brand’s reputation for quality and performance. Its classic design, combined with advanced technology, makes it a standout choice for serious golfers.

The iron offers a solid and satisfying feel, with improved ball speeds and excellent turf interaction. Although it may not be the most forgiving option, the 243 iron provides a buttery-soft feel that Mizuno is known for.

In terms of custom fit options, Mizuno could benefit from offering more graphite shaft options, especially for players who require lighter shafts due to age or swing speed. The price of the Mizuno Pro Range 243 Iron reflects its premium features and performance, making it a valuable investment. Overall, the iron receives high scores in look, feel, custom fit options, and performance.

If you’re in the market for new irons, the Mizuno Pro Range 243 Iron is definitely worth considering. Its impressive performance and timeless design make it a contender against other leading brands. Stay tuned for more reviews and updates!

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